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Orlando Fl Dance Studios Orlando Ballroom Dance Studio Dance Instruction Dance Classes Dance Shows and Choreography as well as Studio Rental Space

Who Are We? 

Orlando Fl Dance Studios Orlando Ballroom Dance Studio Dance Instruction Dance Classes Dance Shows and Choreography as well as Studio Rental SpaceTrish Sie

The Zebra Room's Owner & Visionary

Trish Sie has a degree in music theory and composition from the University of Pennsylvania and degrees in ballroom and Latin American dancing from the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing. She has danced professionally for over fifteen years and has competed professionally in national and international ballroom dance championships. She is also an accomplished choreographer, and continues to choreograph across a wide spectrum, including television commercials, music videos, musical theater, modern dance, and professional Dancesport couples. She has worked with The Washington Ballet, Dance for Washington, Southern Ballet Theatre, ESPN, Audio Visual Imagineering, Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, PennDance Company, Washington DC Community Symphony Orchestra, American Ballroom Company, Mrs. Florida USA Pageants, On-Stage Moving Company, Fred Astaire Dance Studios, Arthur Murray Dance Studios, and television's acclaimed Championship Ballroom Dancing. Currently, when she's not being Dr. 4, Trish coaches ballroom dancing and choreographs for events and more. She is well recognized for her versatility, originality, and audience appeal.


Becoming... The Snark-a-Snoops!

Trish Sie and Christin Underwood are long-time friends and co-conspirators. Some of their joint ventures include a hip-hop book club rap outfit called Turnikit, a multi-media artists collective called Babaghanoush, and a completely ludicrous creative movement troupe called The Fruit Flies.

In the fall of 2004, during a series of spastic attempts to entertain Trish’s young son, the two stumbled across a magical formula: sing crack-pot songs, dance around like lunatics, and conduct all manner of far-out science experiments using household items and funny-sounding words. Ka-ping, ka-pow, ka-bam: The Snark-a-Snoops were born.

In October, 2004, the Snark-a-Snoops released their first CD, “Who’s Living In This cave?!”, featuring ten original songs and the production assistance of Grammy-nominated Martin Bejerano and music engineer Pete Thornton. Their follow-up CD, “Science Situation,” was unleashed in April, 2005, and became an instant smash hit with adults and kids alike.

Later that same year, Sie and Underwood wrote, choreographed, and produced a television pilot and DVD movie, “Grocery Carnival!”, in partnership with Orlando-based production company, Sparks Pictures.

The Snark-a-Snoops' live show is a manic improvisational blend of catchy music, infectious dance numbers, harebrained humor, and crazy kitchen table science. Toddlers and very young children get into the music, motion and general mayhem. Older kids dig the berserk science and offbeat humor. And everyone gets hooked on the memorable music and magnetic personalities of Dr. 4 and Professor Cheddar.

The Snark-a-Snoops have been featured at the Orlando Science Center, the Orlando Museum of Art, Storyopolis, Vroman's, LA's Geffen Playhouse, numerous children’s music and art festivals, the renowned SAK Comedy Lab, public libraries everywhere, and countless private events.

Now the Snark-a-Snoops are taking the "Snarky" train to LA. They got an offer they couldn't refuse so they are packing up lock stock and test tube to California where they will be performing on the stage of the renowned Geffen Playhouse. Can Nickelodeon be far behind? Hollywood here they come...!

See what their saying about the Snak-a-Snoops in the LA Times!

Link to LA Times Article

Check out what Trish has been doing that has brought her an Emmy for her choreography for Brother Damian's rock band OK GO! A video that has been viewed by millions due to the internet explosion! Trish Sie O K Go Music Video Choreographer

OK Go goes Tango with Trish Sie Dancer & Grammy Award Winning Choreographer

Click on link to You Tube OK Go Sky Scrappers Official Video

Trish is also the Director for the newest installment of the Step Up Franchise... "Step Up All In"

Step Up All In Trailer on youtube!



Olivia Gale

The Zebra Room Manager

Olivia and Trish have been friends and dancing "compadres" since before The Zebra Room was even conceived as an actual kernel of an idea, so it was a perfect fit for her to manage the studio when Trish moved to LA in March of 2006 Olivia owned and operated her own dance and performing arts studio, located just outside of Tallahassee, for 19 years . She established her business there after graduating from Florida State University where she majored in both theater and dance. FSU was where her love affair with Ballroom dancing began when she took a class and proceeded to assist the instructor teaching it. After making the move to Orlando, she created On Stage Studios and Raven's Wing Entertainment Company in 1995. Her first professional gig in O Town was dancing the Tango at Cafe Tu Tu Tango on I-Drive. With various dance partners she has performed at events featuring bands such as Johnny Cool and the Mobster Swing Band and Michael Andrew and Swingerhead. Although choreography and dance in it's many forms has been a primary focus of Olivia's work and interest, she is also an actor, an artist, a writer and a poet. She has performed professionally for commercials, television, special events, conventions and theater. Her writing has been published nationally in Focus In, Dancer, Dance Spirit, and Dance Teacher Magazines. In November of 2000, her article about ballet legend Fernando Bujones was featured as a cover story for Dance Teacher Magazine, then In May of 2003, another article about Bujones and Orlando Ballet "With a Passion for Dance and a Vision of Excellence"  was featured as the cover for Dancer Magazine.  During her time in Orlando, she has built a network of multi-talented entertainers whom she books for conventions, events, video and film engagements through Raven's Wing Entertainment Company, a division of  Stage Studios LLC. Olivia has been a master jazz teacher and choreographer for Orlando Ballet's prestigious summer intensive program since 2002.  She is very pleased to have the opportunity to manage "The Zebra Room" for her good friend Trish, while she is off to "Tinsel Town" to follow the yellow brick road to fame and fortune. We'll be watching Trish and the Snark-a-Snoops on the big and little screen sometime soon we're sure. In the meantime, Olivia is here to make sure The Zebra Room is humming along without a hitch, and providing the teachers and students with a simply fabulous place to dance their hearts out. You can check out more about Olivia and her escapades at or contact her at

WESH 2/ CW18 A-List Nominated: Best Dance Studio in Orlando


The Zebra Room was nominated as one of the Orlando area's top businesses in the WESH 2/ CW18 A-List Contest two years in a row. Click on A*List Link to read our great reviews.

Orlando Fl Dance Studios Orlando Ballroom Dance Studio Dance Instruction Dance Classes Dance Shows and Choreography as well as Studio Rental Space

Olivia Gale Manager 407-761-9122

The Zebra Room is registered with the State of Florida as a Ballroom Dance Studio

Registration #DS-00387

One block west of the intersection of Michigan and Bumby
2609 Gowen Street, Orlando, Florida 32806