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Kat's quote was listed on the A*List Forum. Click on the Logo above.

I'm a breast cancer survivor and a personal trainer whose specialization is breast cancer recovery classes. For a number of reasons, I wanted to put the exercise routines to dance. So I went to see Olivia Gale. Olivia didn't just help, she jumped into the project, heart and soul. She understood everything: That its more fun to move to music than it is to simply exercise; that it's easier to remember a dance than an exercise routine (which is especially important for women who are dealing with short term memory loss that is often a side effect of treatment); that a great deal of damage is done to the psyche during breast cancer treatment; that dance is a graceful and powerful means for a woman to reclaim her femininity. Olivia took the time to learn the exercises and understand the limitations of a breast cancer patient before making recommendations. And then she breathed life into the movements. Now I have no doubt that my students are going to love coming to class, even though they're going through chemo and radiation therapy and surgeries. They're going to look forward to class, because the movements are not only healing, but also spiritually and emotionally uplifting. I can't thank Olivia enough for giving so much of herself. Kat Fieler

Kat told Olivia of how helpless husbands can feel while their wives are going through so much. The healing power of touch that comes with dancing with your partner in life can not be underestimated. Ballroom dancing can provide a perfect outlet for some of that frustration men feel by being able to hold their wives in their arms and gliding across the dance floor together. It's an activity that can go a long way to making women feel better about themselves in addition to being a excellent form of exercise. 

In an article published in the February 2008 issue of Newsmax entitled "Think Like Einstein" by Sylvia Hubbard there was a section on Exercise.

"Exercise promotes the growth of new brain cells and also reduces stress, which is toxic to the brain... The best exercise may be ballroom dancing. Researchers have found that dancers lower their risk of dementia by an astonishing 76 percent. 'Dancing is a complex activity that engages mind, body and spirit,' asserts Dr Joe Verghese, an assistant professor of neurology at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University in New York. 'The mental and physical effort may help build cognitive reserve and stimulate blood flow to the brain, and the social aspect may help reduce stress,' he tells Newsmax."

In an article published on

"Breast cancer survivors learn to 'trust their bodies again' through dance"


Thursday, November 11, 2004 Link to Article on SeattlePI 

Davis, a former professional dancer who lives in Lynnwood, first applied dance and music to breast cancer recovery when her mother was diagnosed in 1980.

Physical therapy has long been the standard treatment for recovering from post-surgery stiffness, but Davis believes her dance program also provides emotional healing and support.

Her exercise program, now taught at hospitals and gyms around the country, evolved during one-on-one morning sessions at her Philadelphia dance studio with her mother.

Davis and her two brothers (both surgeons) worked together to modify dance movements for their mom, a vivacious ballroom dancer they couldn't rouse from depression after her mastectomy.

"She loved to dance, she just didn't want to hurt herself," Davis said.

Along with shoulder shrugs and neck circles to loosen up, mother and daughter practiced a favorite move -- a ballet classic in which dancers bring both arms in from their sides, slowly drawing them up and overhead.

"She felt so graceful," Davis said. "She felt beautiful."

More About the Benefits of Exercise and Dance for Breast Cancer Revovery

A lot of pertinent information can be found on the Moving On Aerobics Website, just click on the link above.



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